Back Story and Credits

This website is an extension of the Walking Wiltshire's White Horses project led by Ali Pretty and Richard White in 2013

Design/development: Aneta Gorka
Content producer: Richard White

Original artwork: Ali Pretty

Photography thanks to: Martin avtost, Mike Johnston, Mark Hows, Maria Harryman, Bruce Clarke, Anjalika Baier, Richard White

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Walking Wiltshire's White Horses

The original project combined ancient and modern, digital and analogue, carnival arts, walking, talking, history and pre-history, with a 100 mile walk visiting each of the eight Wiltshire white horses at its core.

Walking Wiltshires White Horses was created by Ali Pretty and Richard White for the Wiltshire Museum working in partnership with Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts. Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Wiltshire College, Wiltshire Council and Bath Spa University.

Artists Ali Pretty and Richard White were in residence at the Wiltshire Museum in July and August 2013 creating an interactive installation of silk paintings, poetry, film, sound and other media. As they walked the trail they flew the banners and inaugurated sound parks made from sounds contributed by sound artists from all over the world. Follow the link to the archived project website to find photographs, videos from the walk and the installation at Wiltshire Museum.

About the Sound Parks Apps

At each white horse there is a sound park: a series of sound recordings and audio files, music and sound art inspired by the landscape around the horse. Take a picnic, walk the circular walk and explore the sound park! The sound parks are accessed via an app, one for each horse, we hope these sounds will enhance your experience. Many of these sounds can be heard on the short films Richard White produced for the installation with Ali Pretty at the Wiltshire Museum, check out the portfolio of films  Many of the sonic works came in via a call out  issued for the project, artists from as far as Greece, Brazil and Kazakhstan and as local as Warminster contributed.

The work is an extension of the Walking Wiltshire's White Horses project led by Ali Pretty and Richard White.

App Credits

Design/development:  Aneta Gorka and Adam Jansch

Producer: Richard White

Local orientations: David Dawson with additional commentary from Brian Edwards

Special thanks to Ali Pretty and David Wallace

Huge thanks to all audio contributors including:

Cody Brookshire
Jamie Flukes.
Juan Carlos Vasquez
Mansoor Hosseini
Michael Ridge
Serban Nichifor
Evagelia Siarvali
Mark Goodwin
Vitaliy Rybakin
Liana Alexandra
Victor Khandamian
Adele Fletcher
Secret Perdu