Overview and planning

The route and planning information

The Wessex White Horse Walk: A 100 mile circular route

We propose this as a 6 day journey beginning with a warm up walk in to Devizes from Westbury and then following a circuit out via the Ridgeway to the Uffington horse and back via the Pewsey horse to Devizes. Spectacular views, ancient paths, high downs and lush valleys await. Each day's walk is digitally waymarked using Viewranger. Download from Viewranger or use the gpx file.

 This route is based on the walk devised by Ali Pretty and Richard White for their Walking Wiltshires White Horses project and extended to include the Uffington White Horse with funding from the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The route has been broken down and recce'd as a series of day walks. Detailed, annotated and  downloadable maps here.
Westbury to Devizes
Devizes to Hackpen
Hackpen to Uffington
Uffington to Marlborough
Marlborough to Pewsey
Pewsey to Devizes

The paths were walked 20013/14 and all follow Ordnance Survey published Rights of Way. Some follow the Wiltshire White Horse Trail the waymarking of this has recently been renewed...but it only gets you to 8 white horses!  Be sure to visit the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes to find out more about the whole area, especially the prehistoric context and the Uffington Museum for some facinating insights into the story of Uffington and its White Horse. We also recommend joining the Viewranger community where you will be able to download and share maps and track your own walks.

Accommodation Providers

The accommodation providers listed below are offering walker friendly accommodation along the route of the White Horse walks. You can also visit the 'Our Land' website and the Visit Wiltshire website for accommodation providers.

Southdown Bed and Breakfast
Avalon Lodge
Meadowbank House